Get Ordained Online as a Licensed Christian Minister


Legally marry your friends, family, and community today by Becoming Ordained Online as a Licensed Christian Minister with United National Church!

Our Minister’s License is Valid in All 50 U.S. States, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and all U.S. Territories and Canada valid for life with no annual fees or dues.

Legally Officiate rites of Marriage, Baptisms, and Funerals for friends, family, and your community in All 50 U.S. States and Canada. Start your own congregation today and select your official title such as Minister, Pastor, Evangelist, etc…

We are multinational American-Canadian Christian Church. You can find our Church Licensing below:

U.S. Certificate of Incorporation

Canadian Certificate of Incorporation

Our Statement of Faith

If you have any questions call us at 1-888-575-9994


1 Hour Online Ordination + Printed & Mailed Documents

$49.99 Lifetime Ordination with No Annual Fees (Shipping Included)

  1. Ordination Certificate Printed on Diploma Quality Parchment Paper
  2. Original Gold Embossed Seal on the Letter of Good Standing
  3. Pocket-sized Minister’s License Card Printed on Card Stock
  4. Lifetime Ordination with No Annual Fees or Dues, and
  5. All documents mailed to you First Class Mail and an Emailed Copy of your ordination package sent to you within an hour!
  6. Just a 5 Minute Application




1 Hour Online Ordination

$34.99 Lifetime Ordination with No Annual Fees:

  1. Certificate of Ordination
  2. Letter of Good Standing
  3. Pocket-sized Minister’s License Card, and
  4. Lifetime Ordination with No Annual Fees or Dues
  5. Just a 5 Minute Application

All the documents above are sent to you within 1 hour during business hours.




Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a real Church? 
Yes, you can find our Certificate of Incorporation Here. We are non-profit Christian Church incorporated in Atlanta, GA.

Do you ordain women as ministers?
Yes, women and men 18 years old and older are eligible to be ordained as Christian Ministers.

How do I become ordained online as a Minister?
To be ordained online just complete the ordination form above and once you receive your ordination credentials by email you are legally ordained as a Christian Minister in all 50 US States, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and US territories. You can immediately perform rites of marriage, baptism, funeral, and all other ministerial tasks you deem proper under the authority of this Church.

Are you a Christian Church? 
Yes, we are a Christian Church and a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit organization pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code and formed under the laws of the State of Georgia as a Christian Church with headquarters in Atlanta, GA with a mission of advancing the scripture of God, the teachings of Jesus Christ and promotion of marriage.

Is a minister’s license from United National Church legally accepted by my State?
Yes, all 50 states in the United States and Washington, D.C. recognize and accept our Minister’s License and you will be able to officiate Marriages, Baptisms, Funerals, lead your own congregation, collect donations, call yourself Reverend, Pastor, Minister, Elder, Bishop or Priest.

Which denomination does United National Church adhere to?
We are a non-denominational Christian Church and accept all Christian faiths and will issue a Minister’s License to anyone who takes and upholds our oath.

How much does it cost to get ordained online as a Christian minister with United National Church?
It is one time $34.99 ordination fee plus sales tax payable online with a credit or debit card. The ordination fee covers your lifetime membership with the Church as a minister and you are issued a Certificate of Ordination, a Minister’s License, and a Letter of Good Standing.

Do I need to have a degree in theology or religious studies to be a minister? 
No, a degree or education in Theology or Religious Studies is not required for ordination as a Christian Minister with our Church. If you have made a covenant with God and take the oath with our Church you shall be issued a Minister’s License. Ministry is divine and comes from divine inspiration from God.

How soon will I get ordained online as a minister once I register?
As soon as you complete the ordination form above you are legally an ordained minister and can immediately officiate weddings, preach, lead bible studies and conduct all other ministerial tasks and you will receive your Minister’s Ordination Certificate, Letter of Good Standing, and Printable Pocket-sized Minister’s License by email the same day usually within a few hours.

Does United National Church permit marriages between same-sex couples?
No, we are a Christian Church and neither our beliefs nor our charter authorize our ministers of United National Church to officiate same-sex marriages.

Does United National Church believe that Jesus died for the sins of man? 
Yes, it is one of the core tenants of faith of this church.

Are there any other fees or annual dues? 
No, we only have a one time ordination fee and there are no annual fees or recurring charges ever. No catches, no gimmicks, no strings attached! Simple one time ordination fee and nothing else and your minister’s license is valid for life with no expiration date.


Join United National Church, headquartered in Atlanta, GA and start your ministry and perform weddings today.